Episode cover reveal and release date!


Scheduled for release 31 July 2019!

I just hope that date isn’t too optimistic, but that’s the target I’ve set myself and I’ll strive to stick to it! After all, it’s been five years since I wrote and published a book, thanks to that four letter word called life!

The book’s readership is aimed at 9-12 years and I have placed it in the science fantasy category, because it covers two genres: science fiction (the time travel theme inspired by Ali’s powerful epileptic seizures) and fantasy (the ancient Greek gods). I follow the belief of the ancients that every aspect of their lives is controlled by the work of a god or goddess, so one of the prominent goddesses is Selene, Goddess of the Moon, who was said to have bestowed the curse of epilepsy or epilēpsía, although in my story the gods insists it’s a blessing, not a curse. Ali bumps into Travis (Epiworld), a boy from her future in Britain, who also has the ability to time travel with his seizures. He disputes Selene’s influence over their seizures and denies the existence of the gods altogether, even though, like Ali, he can see them for himself!

Helen, princess of Sparta, is promised in marriage to Menelaus, prince of Mycenae, but prays to the gods to free her of the union. Her prayers are heard by Zeus, King of the Gods, who is annoyed at the rivalry between his wife Hera and Athena, who both want Helen to marry Menelaus, and Aphrodite, who has promised Helen to Alexandros Paris, Prince of Troy, if he judges her to be the most beautiful goddess of the three…

But I’m telling you the plot!

One more thing: I said I was never going to do this again, because with Epiworld it was a nightmare, but I have written the book in the first person present tense, mixing it now and then with past tense. Well, rules are made to be broken, aren’t they?

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