The Unlikeable Facebook Fan Page Like

As you can tell from my previous posts, like this one back in March, I absolutely love Facebook (not!) and I have a Facebook author page. Blah! Yes, folks, with reference to what I said in that post, I’m still losing Likes, but I bet it’s not just because of lack of engagement or because of buying Likes (which I haven’t done!) as Facebook claims; it could also be possibly because people who have ‘Liked’ have had enough of Facebook, anyway, and decided to close their account for whatever reason. I wouldn’t blame them, either.

There could also be another reason, the elephant in the room: that those who have Liked my page have read my books and not enjoyed them, so they’ve unLiked. OK, fine, I can live with that, except I don’t see the negative reviews, and I’d love the chance to return the favour and unLike back, only Facebook doesn’t give you that facility (Twitter does; well, there are apps that do), which is really annoying. No amount of pleading to the Facebook Help board will make Them Upstairs change their minds and it’s not just me who wants the rules changed.

A couple of months ago I renamed my FB page to Tracey Morait – Author of Fiction for Children and Young Adults to reflect who I am and what I do and overnight I lost six Likes, although some people re-Liked again. Things settled down for a while, then last week I happened across an article giving advice on how to set up an author fan page. It said not to put your book cover on as your profile image – use a personal photo so people can see what you look like – and don’t do the same with your cover photo, so I looked at my page and realised it hadn’t had a facelift for years. The profile image was my recent book Goalden Sky and my cover photo comprised of the four previous book covers. Fair enough. I decided to heed the advice and redesign it, so I did. The new images themselves went down well – but the page lost three more Likes!

When I lost another Like today, I was ready to give up and bin off FB altogether. What’s the point, I thought, of posting to it if people aren’t going to see the posts? Frustrated, I decided to do more research and came across this article:

5 Reasons Why People Unlike Your Facebook Page

I read the points in turn and thought, ‘Is this where I’m going wrong?’

  1. Constantly Self-Promoting

Well, maybe, but I thought that was the whole point of the fan page. I am trying to promote my books and also to provide progress on the new book I’m writing, but am I boring people? Could be. The thing is, I don’t treat my Twitter profile the same as I do my FB page because I read somewhere else many moons ago that your fan page is your business page and so keep it professional (i.e. boring), yet with your Twitter you have to ‘show your personality’. My Twitter is a mixture of book and football tweets; I get lots of engagement on there and RTs and FAVs of my book news. Maybe I should mix things up a bit on my FB page then, but how? That’s what I’ll have to think about. The problem is I find FB kind of, well, boring, really. I have a personal profile, but I don’t post that much on it, unless it’s to share photos of my last holiday.

The other thing I don’t do is use FB ads and I don’t constantly ‘invite’ friends to Like my page, either. This is spam to me and I hate that, don’t I? (Yeah; and I’m still getting those irritating promotion messages on Twitter!) Other authors do it and I find it annoying, and FB frowns on it, sees it as buying ads, and so that’s why they remove the Likes.

  1. Posting Too Much

Not guilty, guvnor. I prefer Twitter to kind of go on a bit and anyway it’s more fun. I remember to post to FB about once a week.

  1. Not Posting Enough

It’s a fair cop (see point 2) and when I do post it’s usually about the books. I looked at my timeline last night and thought no, it isn’t that appealing, really, is it? Hmm.

  1. You’re Sort of a JERK! #Americanslangalert

I say, that’s not cricket, even if it is true!

‘Do you vent your problems and frustrations constantly on your page and post in an arrogant and/or rude way…?’

No, but I do on my blog! Image result for laugh emojiNot on FB*, only on Twitter, and only when I’m talking footie. I’m never arrogant about my books, but I don’t see what’s wrong with blowing my trumpet now and then. I’m self-published, so chuck me a bone.

*Well, actually…I’m about to put this blog post on! #liaralert

  1. Posting Unrelated Items to Your Page

So that rules out a photo of me at New Year with a glass of something 40% proof in my hand then, with my mascara running down my face as I realise the years are rolling on and there’s nothing I can do to stop them (I do that every New Year, it’s a ritual).

The article finishes by saying:

‘So focus on not doing these things and I bet you’ll see better results on your page…’

I bet you any money I don’t!

The way I see it with Facebook, I have one of two choices to make:

  1. Put up and shut up, do my best with it and if I lose Likes, I lose Likes
  2. Delete my account altogether and stick with Twitter.

Right now, I’m inclined to stick with it a bit longer, so it looks like I’ll have to stop moaning, be more ‘engaging’, post more often, but not constantly promote, not rant, and don’t put anything irrelevant on my page – and maybe engage more often with those who do Like me.

It’s just so much easier to do all that with Twitter, though…



2 thoughts on “The Unlikeable Facebook Fan Page Like

  1. J.L. Pattison July 15, 2016 at 4:32 am Reply

    I loathe FB but it seems like a necessary evil for authors. I gave up my fan page a while back when I discovered most of my posts were not being seen by those subscribed to me. Now I have a regular page but FB’s distractions are far outweighing the benefits. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tracey Morait July 17, 2016 at 4:09 pm Reply

    I hate it! I got another like the other day to take me to 510 and now it’s gone back to 509 again! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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