New Year, New Books

Happy New Bah Humbug – well, you see, I don’t do New Year. On New Year’s Eve I sit there in the house with a pint of whisky and a tin of Quality Street thinking ah dang, in nine months I’m edging ever closer to old age (last year I had a landmark birthday, sparking a mid-life crisis – well, we all have our issues) and it’ll be same shit different year as it always is, plus the world is just flat after the magic of Christmas, which I love.

In recent years, me and my auld fella have always watched a film – pausing to watch the fireworks on telly in London on BBC 1; very impressive last night by the way – and we chose The Wolf of Wall Street. OMIGOD it went on forever and is autobiographical. Just wondering, though, if all the sex and drugs he described was more wishful thinking than actual fact. Anyway, after consuming our champagne and whooping limply on the stroke of midnight (fifteen years since the Millennium, people! FIFTEEN YEARS! I’m heading for an old people’s home in a week, I tell yer what! The world is spinning out of control for me now!) we crawled into bed at 1:15 am and watched an episode of Family Guy on our bedroom telly with our Manhattans (Keith’s fave cocktail: Jim Beam bourbon whiskey, rosso vermouth and Angostura bitters – if you use Scotch it’s a Rob Roy, remember that piece of useful information) before passing out and waking up wondering where the traffic cone at the foot of the bed came from.

Nor do I make New Year resolutions, but I have made one for this year: finish a book within a year!

As you may or may not or even care to know, I am aiming to write TWO books this year, one set in Ancient Greece and another about football.

The book set in Ancient Greece is a loose sequel to Epiworld and involves the same epilepsy and science fiction theme. I’ve decided to call it Episode: this is Greek in origin, incorporates the ‘epi’ from epilepsy and means entrance (which is what the character will do in time travel) and an incident in the course of a series of events of a person’s experience, as well as what is sometimes used to describe a seizure.

The other book is going to be called Owen Goal* about a boy who is the worst footballer in his school (Owen Goal is who we footie supporters call the player who scores too many own goals), but help comes to him in a most unexpected way.

Both books will be for children age 9-12.

I’m going to finish them within a year. I promise you! (or is that the drink talking…?)

*Just realised I don’t have exclusivity to this title! Might have to have a rethink…


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