My Bookie Wooks on Nookie Nook

As my readers will know, my books are in paperback and on Kindle, and recently I thought: high time I made them available for Nook e-readers, too.

For those who may not know, Nook is exclusively a Barnes & Noble e-reading product, the same as Kindle belongs to Amazon, For a while, however, you couldn’t buy a Nook e-book in the UK or Europe until recently. There is an online store for UK readers now. Great! No need to keep giving Kindle the monopoly on my titles, so yesterday, I began with Epiworld; Goalden Girl and Abbie’s Rival are already in the B&N Nook Store, but I didn’t put them there, my publisher did. They’re overpriced, so I’m going to fix that and I want  to make them available in UK and European stores, too. You can’t download a B&N Nook book to a UK/European device because B&N is a US store.

So how did I do it? I began my turning my .docx into an .epub and for that I needed an easy converter like Draft2Digital. This is an excellent conversion site which converts documents suitable for Kindle, Nook, iBooks and Kobo e-readers. With D2D you can go all the way. It will publish and make your book available on the necessary stores. You can preview your book in Mobi for Kindle and Adobe Editions for the others, if you can get on with them. You’re ready to go.

Except there’s a problem: if you see an error in formatting, you can’t make any modifications, you have to go back to your epub, and D2D doesn’t appear to like a re-uploaded epub, it tells you it’s modified it. Also, the previewers they recommend worry me. I never got on with Mobipocket for Kindle (I prefer to use Kindle’s own site previewer) and I tried downloading Adobe Editions, but it wanted me to faff about and download Microsoft .Net in order to use it, and I thought can I be arsed? No. I’d sooner use Nook’s own previewer; however, what I didn’t know was would the Nook upload accept an epub file? Kindle will.

And how do you correct your epub? You need a program like Sigil. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with this program. People scream Mobipocket for Kindle, well, I have to say I’ve used Sigil for Kindle and my books look great, thank you. It’s simpler, whereas Mobi is all over the shop for me. In Sigil you can make corrections in formatting. Your cover, title page, dedication page and so on are separated into ‘chapters’, and it recognises your long book chapters as separate entities. You have a code view for basic .xhtml corrections (I had weird page breaks on my By The Same Author page which must have happened during conversion in D2D) and you can neaten things up.

I registered with Nook Press and found to my relief I could upload an epub. Good. You upload that and your cover as a separate file. Then you go into an editor where you can see the chapters are listed as they are in Sigil, though there is no code view. I found a sentence with an unwanted break and corrected it, deleted something called the Start chapter (some page with a broken icon in it, what, I don’t know), saved it, and viewed it in the Nook Previewer…

And the deleted chapter and weird sentence break were still there!

After about a hundred frustrating edits and saves, I asked on the Nook Forum, as the best expert is usually an experienced user who has come across such problems. Seems the editor in Nook Press is a bit naff and basically doesn’t work. So I went back to the epub, found out why that annoying sentence break was in there and re-uploaded the epub file. I deleted the Start chapter again, but it was still showing in the Preview and the end of the book was missing, too (though not in the editor!)


I couldn’t download Adobe Editions and I don’t have a Nook reader…bugger it, I thought, I’ll download the Nook app for my android phone, publish the stupid book and buy it to see what it looks like on my device. I priced it at £1.99 (UK), $1.99 for US and Euro 1,99 to compete with the Kindle prices, and published…

The process is far faster than Kindle’s twelve hours. Within an hour it appeared on Barnes and Noble and the UK Nook store and it looks fine on my phone (though better viewed on the rotated screen). That weird Start chapter has gone. My only gripe is my chapter headings aren’t centred as they ought to be, but I can live with that. It may look different on the proper e-reader.

So, that’s Epiworld on Nook. Look out for the other titles coming soon!

Oh, yeah: will they appear on Kobo? Goalden Girl was published there until this happened; so the answer’s no. Sorry. Kobo and its mate WH Smith can get stuffed.


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One thought on “My Bookie Wooks on Nookie Nook

  1. allaboutmanners November 9, 2014 at 9:51 pm Reply

    What a nice place you have here.


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